RSES Region 11 Director's Newsletter

March 2009

Greetings to all fellow RSES members! It is our hope that spring 2009 brings warmth, prosperity and better economic times. Irma and I have recently returned from the UMRA conference in Winnipeg, and found it to be a great educational and entertaining event. As always, our neighbors to the north proved to be excellent hosts, and those who were unable to attend, truly missed a great educational and travel experience. A couple highlights of the conference to name but a few were:

  • Congratulations to this year's achievement award winner and conference chair - George Kurowski, CMS. George is currently an instructor in the refrigeration department for the Red River Community College. achievement award recpient
  • Nick Cress, CMS was recognized for his achievement in obtaining the highest score in the nation in "Domestic Refrigeration." This earned him a spot at the 2008 Annual Awards Luncheon where he was presented with the Imperial Award CMS category. Congratulations Nick. imperial award presentation
  • Also, congratulations are to be extended to Garry McKenzie, CM, Tom Zimney, CMS and Dave Eccelston, CMS. These individuals were instrumental in redesigning the UMRA Logo and received a conference package to the 2010 conference to be held in Omaha, Nebraska.
  • Please note that the conference in 2011 will be co-hosted by Region 11 and Region 9. The site for the 2011 conference will be in Kansas City.
  • I am also very pleased to announce that Rolf Blom, CMS has announced that he will be submitting his name for nomination at the Annual Business meeting this fall as a candidate for Director of Region 11. Rolf has received many endorsements from individual chapters of Region 11 as well as from this year's current UMRA Board of Directors. Please extend your encouragement and support for Rolf in his future endeavors.
  • " Another great historical and educational outdoor experience was our evening visit to Fort Gibraltar and the Festival du Voyegeur located at the crossroads of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. We were able to share first hand the many techniques, skills, and talents required to make life durable during the fur trade era. Rolf and I demonstrated our skill and talents in the "Hammer-Schlagen" competition (also known as "Nailspielen"). This is where each contestant gets one swing each with the wedge side of a machinist's cross peen hammer to drive a nail into a large log. First one to drive the nail in wins the pot and a prize. Rolf and I each came home with a French made scientific weather forecaster.

I would also like to remind our members from Region 11 and the Iowa State Association that the annual conference will be in Minneapolis this fall. The dates are October 27 -31, 2009. As our constituents to the north were quick to point out to their members, it won't get much closer than this. Please visit for a complete schedule of events. As for our local chapters, please make sure that we complete the paperwork required of us. For example, send in submittals for the various achievement awards and our delegate papers. I know that every chapter has someone who should be recognized for their contributions to our industry - make sure they get the recognition they deserve, submit their names and bios. Last year the majority of chapters also failed to submit delegate papers! Please make sure that this paperwork is completed and submitted on time - preferably in May. I realize that we are an organization of volunteers, but please understand that our volunteer duties and obligations are just as important as that of any paid position. To treat it any less so, detracts from both the individual and the organization which depends upon your timely efforts.

As with any profession, we have a potpourri of unique industry acronyms, I found this to be no different with the airline business but thought in closing I would share the latest one I came across. A father asked his son if he new the meaning of the Bible and he very confidently assured his father that he did. His response was "Basic Information Before Leaving Earth." As with industry associated acronyms, each business also has a reference referred to as their "Bible", please share RSES, "our Bible" SAM, along with the availability of E-Learning with people who can and may need the benefit of our great organization/industry.

Bruce Kamperschroer, CM
RSES Director Region 11