March 23rd Board Meeting Minutes

Awards and General UMRA Meeting Minutes

UMRA Conference 2007

52nd Anniversary Educational Conference
Event's and Meeting Notes
Hosting Chapter Badlands
Bismarck, North Dakota
March 22 - 24, 2007

Respectfully submitted by Mark C Walenz, Missouri Valley Chapter

March 22nd, 2007

Registration and check in by members.

March 23rd, 2007

Breakfast served @ Meeting
Present at Meeting

Region 11 Directors, Bruce Kamperschroer, CM Twin Cities Chapter
V President, Dale Buehler CM Black Hills Chapter
2nd V President, Arlan Okerson CMS Badlands Chapter
Sgt of Arms, Mike Kempel, CMS Red River Chapter
David Olson CMS Red River Chapter
John Vaderson CM Souris Chapter
Leroy Ficek CM Souris Chapter
Nicholas Cress CM Twin Cities Chapter
Jim Senst CM Twin Cities Chapter
Russel Dramstand Sioux Empire Chapter
Ed Stockheart Badlands Chapter

Bruce Kamperschroer CM, Opened conversation by advising board of President Randy Cress situation. Randy's son Nicholas Cress CM advised group of his fathers condition.

Vice President Dale Buehler, CM then called the meeting to order @ 6:40 am.

Board was advised that President Randy Cress was injured in an Automobile accident and is recovering.

Because of this situation and the fact that Randy Cress and Gary Nysveen were unable to attend all officers were asked by Bruce Kamperschroer CM to move up there responsibilities early to help with the conference and meetings. Meeting minutes from March 23, 2006 were read.

Corrections to Meeting minutes were requested to reflect that 990T is the IRS form that must be submitted this year.

It was noted to send copy of meeting Minutes to Mark Lowery.

Minutes were approved by Arlan Okerson CMS and second by Mark Walenz.

Arlan Okerson presented Treasurers Report as submitted to him from Gary Nysveen.

Arlan explained the problem they have with the current Bank account and receiving information.

Conversation and suggestions made by group. It was recommended by Mark Walenz that Missouri Valley is using a two signature process to allow officers to handle situations similar to the UMRA account. It was recommended to change account to a signature card with all current officers signing. Allowing for withdrawal of funds by two signature system.

Mark Walenz noted and asked Question to Bruce kamperschroere if it was possible to have International make deposits direct to Chapter and Regional accounts to log deposits via Internet. Bruce indicated that he would check with the International office of this situation. Walenz noted that he had retained two checks from International but was unable to deposit them. Walenz presented checks to Arlan Okerson to be deposited.

Current Bank Balance was   $3628.41
Dave Olsen Bill -$363.90 $3264.51
Presidents Plague $-86.83 $3177.68
International Deposit +596.00 $3773.68
International Deposit +$326.00 $4099.68
Ending Balance   $4811.79

Approved by Jim Senst CM
2nd approval by John Busel CM

Bruce Kamperschroer CM presented questions regarding Newsletter Handling and distribution. It was noted that all Chapters need to have there e-mail accounts updated at International so they can receive any information from UMRA or International.

Discussion then turned to Nominations for Member of the Year Award.
No Nominations were presented as of Meeting.

Amendment to By Law change from last year was discussed.
David Olsen CMS questioned need for discussion and vote, it was noted that an approval of this Amendment was all that was needed.

Approval of Amendment by Jim Senst CM, Twin Cities
2nd Approval by Mike Kerby CMS, Red River

Nominations take for Sgt of Arms 2007.
Nick Stolzer from Omaha presented by Mark Walenz
Todd Browen from Winnipeg Presented by Bruce Kamperschroer CM

Conference Update given with attendance at 50.

Special thanks given to Arlan Okerson, CMS by Dale Bueler, CM for hosting the conference and putting everything together.

Motion to approve Internet banking and make changes to Bank account to allow signatures of all officers and access to Internet banking by Treasurer.

Approval by Ed Stockheart, Badlands - 2nd by Mark Walenz Missouri Valley

Motion to provide seed money of $1000.00 to Black Hills Chapter for 2008 UMRA Conference to be held on March 26 - 29, 2008.

Approved by Jim Senst, Twin Cities - 2nd by John Buell

Call for Meeting to be adjourn by Mike Kempel, Red River
2nd by Rudy Wolf, Badlands.

Day Event's March 23rd, 2007

Opening Ceremonies and introduction of Bismarck Mayor Dr. John Warford

Presentation by Suzie Vanderlip, Motivational Speaker

Presentation by Kim Christianson North Dakota Wind Energy


Presentation by Sporlan - Commercial Refrigeration Practices

Presentation by A.O. Smith - Electrical Motors and Specifications

CM and CMS Exams Taken

Dinner Banquet with Entertainment by Milo Hudsenbuller (Farm Boy)

March 23rd 2007 Board Meeting Cont;

Buffet style Breakfast

Re-Opening Ceremonies

Herb Moore, High Pressure HVAC systems presentation

Belimo, Actuator selection presentation

Awards and General Meeting

Dale Buehler CM acting President opened General Meeting

Mark Walenz acting Secretary read minutes of UMRA Board meeting held on March 23rd, 2007.

Motion to approve by Bruce Kamperschroer CM
2nd approval by Arlen Okerson, CMS

Reading of Treasurers report presented by Arlen Okerson, CMS acting Treasurer. Balance report given at $4811.79.

Motion to approve by Bruce Kamperschroer CM
2nd of Motion by Mark Walenz

Bylaws Motion presented to Conference attendance by Dale Bueler CM.

Motion was passed to make changes as written by a sign of hands.

No achievements Award was presented.

Nominations for Sgt of Arms was presented

Nick Stolzer from Missouri Valley not present
Todd Browen from Winnipeg Chapter Present at Conference

Written Ballots taken and counted with Todd Browen winning nominations

Motion to destroy ballots received

By John Husso Souris Chapter
2nd by Mike Kemp Red River Chapter

Presentation of Achievement Awards were presented by Bruce Kamperschroer,

Special awards noted were
70 Year Dan Benash CM
50 Year Leonard Crossley CM
  Russ Buhang CM
40 Year Neil Johnson
  Loren Schmidt CM
  R Terry Meester CMS
  Maxine V Ehlers

Swearing in Ceremonies of UMRA 2007 Officers by Bruce Kamperschroer CM

Accepting positions were

President Dale Bueler CM Black Hills Chapter
V President Arlan Okerson CMS Badlands Chapter
2nd V President Gary Nysveen NOT PRESENT
Secretary Mark Walenz Missouri Valley Chapter
Treasurer Mike Kempel CMS Red River Chapter
Sgt of Arms Todd Browen Winnipeg Chapter

Congratulations and pictures taken

Announcement made that 2008 Conference will be held on March 26th - 29th 2008 @ Black Hills Chapter.

2009 Conference to be held in Canada possibly.
2010 Conference to be held in Omaha.

Motion to adjourn meeting was made by Randy wolf and 2nd by Steve Crom

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