March 25th Board Meeting Minutes

March 26th Board Meeting Minutes

1) Call Meeting to Order March 25, 3:30 Mark Walenz

2) Roll Call 9 Members Present

Meeting Minutes read by Nick Stolzer, CMS from General Session
Motion to Approve by Mike Kempel, CMS, Second by Mike Johnson

Treasurers Report:

Bills Presented
Flowers for passing of Dee Moeller
David Olson Website Expenses
Mike Kempel, Past Pres. Plaque Emblem
Dave Eccleston, CM
Motion to approve by Gary Nyvsen, CMS, Seconded by Mike Kempel, CMS
Motion Carried

Omaha Chapter to Pay back $1000.00 Seed Money Minus Logo Winners Registration Fee?

World Skills competetion money $500.00 (250 ea. Canada and U.S.A ) was to be sent last Year.

There is no record of a check being sent. This will be canceled till a later time.

Regional Director Rich Hoke, CM updated us on Regional Changes.

2012 Conference Location is Fargo North Dakota March 1, 2, and 3 2012. Hotel Double Wood

2013 Conference Location ?. Duluth or Sioux Falls ?

Officer change needs to be sent to International

Officer change to International -UMRA officers.

President Mike Kempel, CMS
1st Vice President Todd Brown, CM
2nd Vice President Nickolas K. Stolzer, CMS
Secretary Dave Eccleston, CM
Treasure Nicholas Cress, CMS
Sgt of Arms David Olson, Cms

Motion to pay Christy Owens to update Scrap Book and to give Her $50.00 plus Expenses

Motion carried Kristie Did awesome job

Mark Walenz made Motion and David Olson 2nd Motion Carried.
*****David Olson Not At Meeting********

Committees as follows

Sergeant at Arms Commitee Mike Kempel CMS and Gary Nyvsen, CM

Past Presidents Plaque Bill not yet presented.

Meeting Adjourned at 4:30 until 3:30 on 3/26/2010

Meeting Reconvened 3-26-11 at 3:30 P.M.

$300.00 to RSESA for three adds in site glass, Motion by Nicholas Cress CMS, 2nd by Gary Nyvsen

Motion Carried

Treasures Report
Checks for

UMRA Presidents Room
Kristie Owens for Scrap Book
RSESA for three adds in site glass
flowers for Dee Moeller
Website expenses to David Olson
for S&H Treasures Box David Eccleston, CMS
for plaque emblem Mike Kempel, CMS

Motion by Mike Johnson, 2nd by Gary Nyvsen

Motion Carried

Attendance. Motion to approve by Mike Kempel CMS

Email minutes to David Olson CMS

Sergeant at Arms 201-2012 David Olson, CMS

Motion by Mike Kempel, CMS, 2nd by Gary Nyvsen, Motion Carried

Web Master Report. Post Card Funds Report

initial advance.
********Something not adding up here *******
remaining Balance

Motion to Adjourn by, Mike Johnson Seconded by Sam Cress

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