March 1st Board Meeting Minutes

March 2nd Board Meeting Minutes

1) Call Meeting to Order 3:30 Mike Kempel, CMS

2) Roll Call 9 Members Present

Meeting Minutes read by Dave Eccleston, CM from March 2011
Motion to Approve minutes by Mike Kempel, CMS, Second by Nick cress CMS
Motion Carried

Treasurers Report:

Motion to approve by David Olson CMS seconded by Gary Nysveen CM

Nominating committee for Sgt at Arms Dave Eccleston CM and Nick Stolzer CMS

Nominating committee for Outstanding Achievment Award Woody Seeman CMS and Andrew Johnson.
The question of can a person that has already received this award receive it again? This decision will be left up to the nominating board.

2013 Conference Location will be Rapid City SD on March 7 8 9 at the Best Western Ramkota

2014 Conference Location? Nick Cress CMS selection committee

Officer change to International -UMRA officers.

President Todd Brown, CM
1st Vice President Nickolas K. Stolzer, CMS
2nd Vice President Dave Eccleston, CM
Secretary Nicholas Cress, CMS
Treasure David Olson, Cms
Sgt of Arms

Old Business: UMRA sent flowers for the passing of Irv Moeller

New Business:
The name on the account is misspelled. The bank will be called and notified.
Tax exempt status needs to be fixed, reinstated. This through RSES International and IRS
Bills-Webmaster $246.40 and 2 years of past presidents plaques $50/year to Mike Kemple CMS
Motion to approve by Mike Zur CMS and seconded by Todd Brown CM. Motion approved

Woody Seeman CMS has the past president pins and is passing them to Mike Kemple CMS

The 2nd vice president is in charge of the UMRA scrapbook. Dave Eccleston CM will take it to Rapid City for the next conference

Motion to Adjourn David Olson CMS 2nd by Todd Brown CM 0730

Called to order at 0700

Roll call all officers present

Reading of the minutes from last board meeting. Motion to approve the minutes as read David Olson CMS 2nd by Gary Nysveen CM Motion approved

Treasurers report. Balance reported after the new checks have been cashed. Motion to approve report by Gary Nysveen CM and 2nd by Chris Dailey CMS Motion approved

Old business
No nominations for outstanding Achievement Award yet
2013 Convention at Rapid City
2014 Convention?

New Business

Send advance seed money of $1000 to Rapid City with Dave Eccleston CM. Motion to approve by Woody Seeman CMS 2nd by David Olson CMS motion approved

Motion that UMRA donate $1000 to the Irv Moeller Endowment fund Terry Gunderson CM and 2nd by Gary Nysveen CM Motion approved

just a note that Todd Brown CM from the Winnipeg chapter pledged that chapter will donate $1500 to the Irv Moeller Endowment

Motion to adjourn Terry Gunderson CM and 2nd by Mike Zur CMS motion approved

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