2005 Conference - Souris Chapter

April 8 - 9, 2005

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Outstanding Achievement Award of the Regional Association Nomination Form

UMRA 2004-2005 Officers



Greetings members and spouses all and welcome to another RSES / UMRA milestone giving us the opportunity this year to celebrate together at our 50th annual conference in Minot. The committee and members have put in a lot of work to make this a very informative and fun conference. Please show them your support and make plans to attend.

The conference also provides us an opportunity to test our knowledge through the exam process. Pass or fail, it provides us one more opportunity to learn. Before we even learn the outcome, most of us are looking back through text to verify those questions that challenged us. For those who pass, it is another credential and testament to the service industry that RSES members are often more highly trained and qualified than our competitor’s counterpart. Please congratulate the following members who achieved CM/CMS status last year.

Member Exam Type Chapter
Nicholas R. Cress CM Twin Cities
Jerry E. Meyer CM Twin Cities
John L. Sigerson CM Missouri Valley
Cleon F. Cathcart CM Red River
Wayne R. Greenfield CM Great Plains
Charles Rydquist CM Badlands
Mark L. Wood Domestic Specialist Red River

There have been many success stories coming from the chapters who have held very successful and well attended seminars this past year. I have had several conversations with members during the past year inquiring what they can do to once again stimulate and renew their chapters. I am quick to remind people that RSES International has all the tools one could possibly need to help; start utilizing the training programs, make them part of your monthly meetings, many chapters out there are doing so. Also don’t forget the Kellow sponsored seminars, which are available to all chapters. Even something as simple as creating a newsletter or bulletin can do much to revive interest anew. I recently received the bulletin from the Missouri Valley Chapter and it exemplifies exactly what I am talking about. It is very well done and informative. Here again lies an opportunity to submit your newsletters to the international newsletter competition and get recognized. Your members work hard; please give them this chance to get the recognition they deserve and send in those nomination forms.

With that said, I appreciate the confidence and support which everyone has given me during the last 4 years. Once again, I am up for reelection and hope that I have earned the same previous endorsement. Therefore, I am announcing that I intend to run for the office of International Sgt. At Arms at the International Conference this fall in Atlanta, Georgia.

By belonging to organizations such as ours, people recognize that we are striving to be the best in our business and industry. As important as this is, remember to strive for balance, keep time for self and most importantly, family. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Minot, and appreciate the privilege you have afforded me to serve as your International Director.

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Another year has come and gone and yet our Industry and Society is facing even more challenges. In response to the ever-changing dynamics in the Industry and to address the direct effects this has on RSES, Director Marilyn Roth, CM and myself have remained committed to sending monthly Chapter Chitchat Newsletters. The topics are designed to answer questions and assist Chapters to grow and better meet the needs of our members. As HAVCR Technicians many of the business practices and marketing issues are foreign and/or misunderstood. Since RSES is an educational Society it is important to understand and educate our members on soft-skills. On behalf of Director Roth, CM and Myself if there is any question or topic that you would like to have us cover all you have to do is ask or 204-774-8557 Fax.

UMRA is a unique Regional Association within RSES because of the cross-border relationship we have. Since becoming a member in 1983 I have remained a dedicated, hardworking member and no matter what the task, stepped up and gave it my best. As leaders and officers within Chapters we must take it upon ourselves to seek out and support new leadership talents. We need to when necessary educate these potential new leaders about RSES “the business”, by enrolling them in speaking classes, parliamentary procedure, minute taking or organization classes. As a Society we have an obligation to help our Members advance not only the Technical side of their Careers but also their soft skills (inter-personal skills).

“The worlds greatest organizations drive growth by unleashing human potential”, this is a fact that RSES needs to adopt by placing a greater emphasis on by training our own leaders in all aspects of the HVACR Industry. Without our Members (customers) RSES does not exist, we must assist in placing the proper tools in the hands of our Chapters to meet the needs of our members. Our Chapters are our single most important asset that RSES has and I will continue to devote my attention to doing my part to see that they get the information and resources to meet the needs of our members at the grassroots level.

As RSES Members, if you have the resources, sign up and pay a one-year membership for a non-member working within the Industry that you feel could use the education and training. Personally I have done this now for about 8-years and the talent that we have brought in to our local Chapter has been well worth the investment. Dealing with someone who is better-trained and more knowledgeable benefits us all. So, no matter what is going on in Region 16 or any region for that matter the focus must remain on the Chapters and how they can better meet the needs of our members.

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Chris Daly, CM

Hello to all RSES Members:

The 50th Annual UMRA Conference will be in Minot, North Dakota on April 8 & 9.

UMRA stands for Upper Midwest Regional Association. It is an association of the Member Chapters in the Upper Midwest Region of RSES. Any member that has not attended an UMRA before should consider going to Minot. Why Minot you may ask? The answer is simple – Minot.

The Souris Chapter of RSES is one of the premier chapters of UMRA. It is a very active chapter and will provide a very educational and entertaining conference. They always do a great job! So if you ever thought about attending an UMRA this would be a great place to start.

At the Minot Conference we plan on issuing the results of an UMRA survey that we mailed to chapter secretaries. The survey asked for insight into what each chapter does to make itself better and attract members as well as retain members. Our objective is to share this information in an effort to make all UMRA chapters as strong as the industry they serve.

In my opinion the HVAC/R Industry is the best in terms of the educational schools, service techs, contractors, wholesalers & manufacturers. This is an industry that allows competitors to be friends.

I would like to thank the Souris Chapter for hosting the upcoming conference and look forward to seeing many friends as well as making a few new ones.

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UMRA Board Meeting

April 16th, 2004

Meeting called to order at 4:35 p.m.

Meeting was opened by UMRA President John Huso, CM (Souris Chapter) - all officers were in attendance.

Motion made to approve the minutes from the last meeting held April 25, 2003, by Chris Daly, CM (Red River Chapter), seconded by Gary Nysveen, CM (Red River Chapter).

A motion was made to select members of the Achievement Committee. Volunteers for the Achievement Committee were Gary Nysveen, CM, Woody Seemann, CMS (Souris Chapter), and Dick LeBrun (Twin Cities Chapter).

Sergeant-at-Arms Committee was Jim Senst, CM (Twin Cities Chapter) and Chris Daly, CM.

Old Business: None Presented

New Business:

Treasurer report by Dale Buhler, CM (Black Hills Chapter) was $4,410.60, the report was approved by Gary Nysveen, CM and seconded by Arlan Okerson, CMS (Badlands Chapter).

2005 UMRA conference will be located in Minot, ND. There are no dates set as of this time, a possibility would be April 7, 8, 9, 2005.

Twin Cities Chapter offered to host the 2006 UMRA conference, possible location of Jackpot Junction in Morton, MN. This offer made by Jim Senst, CM.

A possible location for UMRA 2007 was Kearney, NE.

The following bills were presented to the Treasurer Dale Buhler, CM:

Kinkos $555.83
Irma Kamperschroer $131.80
Newsletter - Postage $251.60
Dave Olson, CMS (Red River Chapter) UMRA Website $700.00

Payments approved by Woody Seemann, CMS and seconded by Rudy Wolf (Badlands Chapter).

Approval for advance payment of $1,000.00 to Minot Chapter for the 2005 conference. Approved By Jim Senst, CM and seconded by Gary Nysveen, CM. Profit report from Omaha conference in 2003 given by Bruce Kamperschroer, CM (Twin Cities Chapter) - profit of $1500.00.

Motion By Jim Senst, CM for UMRA to thank Rob Isaacs, CMS for his leadership as our executive vice president, and to offer him our continued support, seconded by Dale Buhler, CM.

Dave Olson, CMS reported changes in the website that he would like to see. Further discussion to be made during the general meeting after lunch on April 17, 2004.

Motion to adjourn made by Scott Owens, seconded by Gary Nysveen, CM.

Respectfully submitted,

Randy Cress, CM – UMRA Secretary

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April 17th, 2004

Meeting called to order at 6:30 a.m. by UMRA President John Huso, CM. All officers were in attendance. Minutes of April 16th, 2004 meeting read and approved by Jim Senst, CM, seconded by Rudy Wolf.

Sergeant-At-Arms nominees, four presented, two in attendance. Ballots passed out then collected - Gary Nysveen, CM was selected as new Sergeant- At-Arms.

Motion by Arlan Okerson, CMS (Missouri Valley Chapter) to destroy ballots, seconded by Jim Senst, CM.

Old Business: None presented.

New Business:

Thanks to the Red River Chapter for a great conference. Motion by Jim Senst, CM, seconded by Dick LeBrun. Conference update by Chuck Lyche, CM, reported that 156 people registered for the conference. Motion to adjourn made by Rudy Wolf, seconded by Dale Buhler, CM.

Respectfully submitted,

Randy Cress, CM – UMRA Secretary

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April 17th, 2004

The meeting was called to order at 1:19 p.m.

UMRA President John Huso, CM called the meeting to order - all officers were in attendance.

The minutes from the last general meeting were read and approved by Gary Nysveen, CM, seconded by Dale Buehler, CM.

Question brought up as to how the conference was going - 159 people were signed up as of today including those who only signed up for the motor class.

Treasurer report by Dale Buehler, CM - checking account currently at $1,672.48. Treasurer report approved by Randy Cress, seconded by Ed Stockert, CMS (Badlands Chapter).

Old Business: None presented

New Business:

Gary Nysveen, CM voted in as new Sergeant-At-Arms. All other officers move up one position.

President Chris Daly, CM
1st Vice President Jim Senst, CM
2nd Vice President Randy Cress
Secretary Dale Buehler, CM
Treasurer Arlan Okerson, CMS
Sgt. at Arms Gary Nysveen, CM

Dave Olson, CMS website changes are postponed until the banquet for discussion.

Motion to adjourn by Dale Buehler, CM and seconded by Randy Cress.

Respectfully submitted,

Randy Cress, CM – UMRA Secretary

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APRIL 17, 2004

In the past four years the RSES International staff has been reduced 38 to 25. We now have an in-house registered CPA, resulting in up to date and accurate accounting. RSES now has an in-house marketing director to get the RSES message out. The new RSES Catalog is an example of this intelligent addition. The RSES website incorporates the "Partners in Education" and an area for chapters to share information. The RSES Journal website has material from every magazine archived for members use. We now have credit card payment for dues and anniversary billing, not billing all year long. RSES can now sell training materials to members and non-members, not just chapters. The NATE/ RSES manual (yellow manual) was put together in 6 weeks. This is our best selling training product. The TI 1-2-3 training manuals were developed 3 years ago. TI 1 is now on CD to offer home study. We have a good working relationship with sister associations such as ACCA, ARI, PHCC, ASHRAE, NATE, among others. RSES, PHCC and ACCA are working together to develop new training materials. PHCC and ACCA are buying and using our materials for their members training. RSES has added new member benefits such as "Prepaid Legal" members now have a low cost legal program. Our RSES International building is now debit free. We are digging our way out of a debit of $1.6 million 4 years ago. Our membership is now growing again. Manufacturers are promoting the RSES programs and helping to update our materials. We will have a new heat pump manual out this fall and a new fundamentals manual this winter. We now have new NATE CD training programs to assist chapters and schools to offer the training to pass the NATE exams. I therefore make the motion for UMRA to thank Rob Isaacs, CMS for his leadership as our Executive Vice President and to offer to him our continued support.

Motion made by Jim Senst, CM Twin Cities Chapter, UMRA Second Vice President and seconded by Dale Buhler, CM Black Hills Chapter, UMRA Treasurer.


W. H. (Bill) Hanson, CM 1970
Tom Summerville, CM 1981
Edward Grieman, CM 1982
Irv Moeller, CMS 1983
Don Anderson, CM 1988
Evan Killian, CM 1989
Roy Fullerton, CM 1990
Wendell Johnson, CMS 1991
Alex Monteith, CM 1992
Bruce Kamperschroer, CM 1993
Rodney Johnson, CM 1994
Ed Stockert, CMS 1995
Ivan Maas, CM 1996
John Husso, CM 1997
Ronald C. Poling 1998
Randy Branstad, CM 1999
Woody Seemann, CMS 2000
Kevin Johnsen 2001
Gary MacKenzie, CM 2002
Gary Nysveen, CM 2003
Chris Daly, CM 2004

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UMRA Chapters

Badlands #11403 (Bismarck, ND)
Black Hills #11227 (Rapid City, SD)
Buffalo Bill #11221 (No. Platte, NE)
Calgary #16276 (Calgary, Alberta)
Elkhorn Valley #11444 (Norfolk, NE)
Grand Forks #11224 (Grand Forks, ND)
Gateway #16277 (Edmonton, Alberta)
Great Plains #11228 (Aberdeen, SD)
Head of the Lakes #11282 (Duluth, MN)
Lincoln #11222 (Lincoln, NE)
Mid-Nebraska #11305 (Kearney, NE)
Missouri Valley #11223 (Omaha, NE)
Red River #11225 (Fargo, ND)
Saskatchewan #16280 (Regina, SK)
Saskatoon #16281 (Saskatoon, SK)
Sioux Empire #11215 (Sioux Falls, SD)
Souris #11226 (Minot, ND)
Southeastern MN #11219 (Rochester, MN)
Southwest MN #11466 (Marshall, MN)
Twin Cities #11220 (St. Paul/Minneapolis., MN)
Winnipeg #16283 (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

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Supplement - A guide to the UMRA Officer Duties

In addition to the duties in the Officers' Guide:


1. Check with the Hosting Chapter to answer questions and check progress. Make sure they have a Conference Planning Guide.
2. Send letter to Newsletter editor to include the following:

  • Reminder to have two directors from each chapter for the UMRA Conference.
  • Reminder to submit for "Outstanding Achievement Award."
  • Reminder for formal applications for future conferences.
3. Appoint Committees Members for:
  • Nominating Committee - "New Officers."
  • Outstanding Achievement Award.
4. Check with newsletter editor on progress.

1st Vice President:

1. Collect formal applications for future conferences.
2. Responsible for Past UMRA President pins, and present pin and certificate to departing President.

2nd Vice President:

1. Historian - keep track of photo albums and history. Make sure hosting chapter adds to the latest book and limit themselves to five pages.


1. Send minutes from meetings and new slate of officers to:
  • International HQ
  • Region 11 Director
  • Newsletter Editor
2. Keep Records in order.


1. Get bonded.
2. Get interest on money in account.
3. Deposit funds, keep balance.
4. Have Treasurer's report for UMRA.
5. Take care of UMRA property for sale (caps, lapel pins, etc.).


1. See that Canadian & USA flags are in place by Host.
2. Charter is displayed.
3. Photo albums are displayed.

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Twin Cities Chapter #220

St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN

To paraphrase one of Frank Sinatra’s famous songs, “It was a very good year.” For the first time in several years, we actually gained membership. We started out the year with 124 members and ended the year with 128 members. We had excellent educational meetings, thanks to the efforts of Lewis Marshall, and his successor as Educational Chairman, Kevin Johnson, CM. I am convinced that strong educational meetings are the key to retaining and building membership. Our Gopher State Seminar was also a success. We brought in Arthur Miller from The William Kellow Center of Learning who gave an excellent seminar on “Understanding Electrical Schematics. If you haven’t as yet tried the Kellow Center of Learning, please do so, it’s a great resource. See you in Minot. We invite you to visit our website at Ed Grieman, CM, Secretary

Elkhorn Valley Chapter #444

Norfolk, NE

Thank you for the opportunity to share our success that our chapter has experienced over the last year. We had just got done having a HVAC training seminar at Northeast Community College on November 16th. We had Dave Dauberman, Copeland Area sales manager since 1985. Dave graduated from Valparaiso University. Prior to working for Copeland, Dave spent 9 years in tech support for Evapco, manufacturer of Ammonia Evaporative Condensers. A great speaker to say the least. Also that day we had Don McClanahan who is an application engineering tech with Alco. Don attended South County Tech. School in St Louis, MO. Don spent 5 years working for White-Rodgers in customer service than 12 years in Alco customer service and the last 16 years in Alco flow controls Application Engineering Dept. Also a great speaker. We also served a great meal. And had outstanding prizes to give out. Norfolk Winair gave a inficon recovery unit for a grand prize. Then we had tool distributors/venders set up booths witch made it a great atmosphere. All in all was a great turn out we 75-80 people attend.

Our monthly meetings have been successful also. In the last few months we have had some great speakers. Such as John Maxell Rep. from Larson Company he talked on dehumidification; John Sigerson from Occoner Company talked about ecm motors and Greg Ferrin from ACU. On average we have 20 members attend monthly.

There is a little overview on the chapter and what we have been recently been doing.

If you have any more questions please give me a call. Jason Bennett, Secretary

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Outstanding Achievement Award of the Regional Association Nomination Form

  • Any individual member in good standing within the UPPER MIDWEST REGIONAL ASSOCIATION is eligible for this award.
  • The President of UMRA shall appoint a committee who will receive the nominations during the Conference. The committee shall consist of the previous year's recipient of the award, and two (2) past Presidents or Officers of the Association.
  • Each nomination shall include details of the nominee's past activity within RSES and the Regional Association. Information which should include service to his chapter and the Association; outstanding activity in education and service to his community; it should also include some of the highlights of his background and family.
  • The committee will announce the winner at the Annual Awards Luncheon during the Conference.
  • All nominations shall be presented to the committee during the Conference before the set time which will be announced early in the Conference.


For dedication, service, promotion and improvement of our educational organization presented to
Chris Daly, CM (Red River Chapter)


  1. Nominee & Member Number
  2. Address
  3. Chapter Making Nomination
  4. Form to be signed by two chapter members, preferably Officers
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On the Lighter Side

At one time in my life, I thought I had a handle on the meaning of the word "service."

"It's the act of doing things for other people."

Then I heard these terms which reference the word “SERVICE”:

Internal Revenue Service
Postal Service
Telephone Service
Civil Service
City & County Public Service
Customer Service
Service Stations

Then I became confused about the word "service." This is not what I thought "service" meant.

So today, I overheard two farmers talking, and one of them said he had hired a bull to "service" a few of his cows. BAM! It all came into perspective. Now I understand what all those "service" agencies are doing to us.

Words of wisdom from deal with the burdens of life:

  • Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue.
  • Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.
  • Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.
  • Drive Carefully. It's not only cars that can be recalled by their maker.
  • If you can't be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.
  • If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was worth it.
  • Your sole purpose in life may be simply to serve as a warning to others.
  • Never buy a car you can't push.
  • Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time, because then you won't have a leg to stand on.
  • Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance.
  • Since it is the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late.
  • The second mouse gets the cheese.
  • When everything's coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.
  • Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.
  • You may only be one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person.
  • Some mistakes are too much fun to make only once.
  • We could learn a lot from crayons. Some are sharp, some are pretty and some are dull. Some have weird names, and all are different colors, but they all have to live in the same box.
  • A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.
  • Have an awesome day and know that someone cares about you did.

Upper Midwest Regional Association

Chapter Officers and Members:

As we approach the 50th Annual UMRA Conference I would like to ask for your assistance in taking a few minutes to complete a short survey.

I have been an RSES member since 1984 and have been going to UMRA Conferences since 1985. Over those short years I have seen many changes in our region. The one thing that really surprises me most is chapter strength. Over those years some of our member chapters have gone from very active and strong to very little activity. Why?

That is the reason for this correspondence, the Why? I would like to put together a list of activities that all of the chapters do in an effort to create a stronger chapter. I will offer the results of my findings at the Minot UMRA Conference. This exchange of information will benefit all chapters.

Please respond to the following:

  1. Why do you think people join RSES?
  2. What makes your chapter strong?
  3. What benefits does your chapter offer to its current members?
  4. What benefits does your chapter offer that attract new members?
  5. What do you do at your chapter meetings to attract attendance?
  6. What other special things does your chapter do throughout the year?
  7. Any additional comments . . .Anything! (Good or Negative)

I’m not looking for an essay here, just some solid good ideas that can be shared throughout the region to help make RSES as strong as the industry it serves. You can e-mail me or mail to me. It doesn’t have to be fancy or formal – some of the best ideas are written on bar napkins.

Thank you in advance. Please respond by April 1st or bring your responses to the UMRA Conference I hope to see you in Minot.

Very truly yours,

Chris Daly CM
UMRA President
P.O. Box 989
Fargo, ND 58107


President, Chris Daly, CM Dawn
1st Vice President, Jim Senst, CM Laura
2nd Vice President, Randy Cress Carol
Secretary, Dale Buehler, CM Millie
Treasurer, Arlan Okerson, CMS Linda
Sergeant-at-Arms, Gary Nysveen, CM Judy
Bruce A. Kamperschroer, CM Irma
Brian Baker, CMS Denise

Newsletter Editor
Bruce Kamperschroer, CM
362 Wedgewood Drive
Mahtomedi, MN 55115
(651) 653-9149

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