UMRA Officer Duties

The UMRA By-Laws Article V Section 5 states " The duties of the officers shall be those usually pertaining to such offices as set forth in the officers manual of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society."

Additional UMRA Officer Duties are:

1. Check with the Hosting Chapter to answer questions and check progress. Make sure they have a Conference Planning Guide.
2. Send letter to Newsletter editor to include the following:

  • Reminder to have two directors from each chapter for the UMRA Conference.
  • Reminder to submit for "Outstanding Achievement Award."
  • Reminder for formal applications for future conferences.
3. Appoint Committees Members for:
  • Nominating Committee - "New Officers."
  • Outstanding Achievement Award.
4. Check with newsletter editor on progress.

1st Vice President:
1. Collect formal applications for future conferences.
2. Responsible for Past UMRA President pins, and present pin and certificate to departing President.

2nd Vice President:
1. Historian - keep track of photo albums and history. Make sure hosting chapter adds to the latest book and limit themselves to five pages.

1. Send minutes from meetings and new slate of officers to:
  • International HQ
  • Region 11 Director
  • UMRA Web Officer
2. Keep Records in order.

1. Get bonded.
2. Get interest on money in account.
3. Deposit funds, keep balance.
4. Have Treasurer's report for UMRA.
5. Take care of UMRA property for sale (caps, lapel pins, etc.).

1. See that Canadian & USA flags are in place by Host.
2. Charter is displayed.
3. Photo albums are displayed.